Saturday, 21 February 2015


Following yesterdays ICC World Cup encounter between New Zealand and England I have been considering the situation where the teams went to dinner break with England having only bowled 9 overs and New Zealand requiring 12 runs to win.

In this situation it is very obvious that New Zealand would win comfortably, yet if rain had occurred during the dinner break and continued where no further play was possible, the match would have been abandoned with the points shared.  Under the Duckworth-Lewis system for calculating scores in a rain shortened game, both teams need to have completed 20 overs.

In a game where the teams are forced to take a meal break, the team chasing runs should have a new option to reduce their number of overs remaining, therefore increase the number of overs played, so that for calculation purposes they could choose to have completed the required 20 overs.

Just a thought

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